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stormy adj
1 (especially of weather) affected or characterized by storms or commotion; "a stormy day"; "wide and stormy seas" [ant: calm]
2 characterized by violent emotions or behavior; "a stormy argument"; "a stormy marriage" [also: stormiest, stormier]

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  • /ˈstɔɹmi/
  • /"stOrmi/


  1. Of or pertaining to storms.
  2. Characterized by, or proceeding from, a storm; subject to storms; agitated with furious winds; boisterous; tempestuous.
    a stormy season or a stormy day
  3. Proceeding from violent agitation or fury.
    a stormy sound or stormy shocks
  4. Violent; passionate; rough.
    stormy passions''


of or pertaining to storms

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